Our Startups 

Discover Tawaref's thriving tech startup portfolio, providing fundraising expertise and
connecting investors with groundbreaking ventures from Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

It is a leading integrated platform that offers an end-to-end solution to digitally manage the legal journey of start-ups.

Country: UAE                  Sector: LegalTech

It is a street level digital advertising platform that helps brands grow their businesses through reaching people in a more creative, dynamic way.

Country: Egypt                  Sector:  AdTech

It is a digital property transaction platform in the UAE.

Country: UAE                  Sector:  PropTech

It is a global platform that fuels innovation in financial services, drives ecosystem collaboration, as well as facilitates Open Banking API integration between financial institutions & fintech companies.

Country: UAE                  Sector:  FinTech

It is a digitally native vertical brand who bypass the middleman and supply directly to the consumer.

Country: Egypt                Sector: E-commerce

It is a leading integrated platform that offers an end-to-end solution to digitally manage the legal journey of start-ups.

Country: Egypt                Sector:  Entertainment

It is a teleradiology platform solving the problem of radiologists shortage and high latency in medical reports, as well as decreasing reporting time through the use of AI.

Country: Egypt           Sector:  HealthTech

It is the first family activity mobile app in the UAE that connects parents with entertainment, education, and after school vendors.

Country: UAE          Sector:  Entertainment

It is a fintech platform to focus on payments by building the leading Cards as a Service (CaaS) in the MENAP region.

Country: UAE                   Sector:  FinTech

SouKare is a health-tech startup that provides smarter online pharmacy and healthcare services in the UAE.

Country: UAE                Sector:  HealthTech

It is a B2B marketplace that offers food products across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Country: Saudi Arabia      Sector:  E-commerce