Unlock Opportunities & Accelerate your Startup Success

Fundraise with strategic angels and institutional investors who will help you to land faster in Saudi and GCC

Strategic Value

End to End ​Process

From company profiling to data room building, due diligence, fundraising, deployment and contracting, to SPV creation, we provide solutions for every step of the process.

Strategic Matchmaking

Leverage strategic C-Suite investors who will provide Money+; money + knowledge + accessibility.

One Line in Captable

Combine your angel investors in an SPV to make one single line in your captable

Diverse Funding Pool

Access 200+ angel investors and 30+ institutional investors in one platform.

Post-Investment Dashboard

Report your quarterly updates to all investors on interactive digital platform

Investor Invitation

Invite as many active investors as you want on the platform

Our Investment Thesis

We are a sector agnostic community looking for experienced founders of post revenue

early stage startups who want to grow and scale in the GCC and Saudi region.

Deal Level

Valuation: Within Market Range

Funds: Deal Involves 50% Committed Rounds

Competition: Ranked 1st or 2nd in a Crowded Market

Deal Exposure: Aim to Avoid Overexposed Deals

Lead VC: Preference for Deals Led by a VC or Those Close to Receiving VC Commitment


Business Level

Stage : Seed Stage Deals, Post Product Launch

Revenue:  Post-Revenue & Demonstrable Traction

Technology: In-house Tech Team

Geography: Primarily Focused on MENAP

Sectors: Sector Agnostic but Excludes eCommerce D2D and Social Commerce

SHARIA Compliance: Diminished Interest in Non-Sharia Compliant Deals

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We support visionary entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the tech industries. With a track record of investing in over 12 cutting-edge tech startups, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the startup ecosystem.

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