Over $6 million worth of investments on-ground across key technology sectors.

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“Angel investment networks have been found to be a key source of early-stage capital for startups”

Tawaref has a proven track record of delivering strong financial returns for our partners. By leveraging our extensive network of investors and industry expertise, we are able to identify and secure the best investment opportunities for our partners. Our due diligence process ensures that only the most promising startups and ventures are selected, resulting in high return on investment. By partnering with Tawaref, our partners can expect to see significant growth in their portfolio and an increase in overall ROI.

Investment Netwroks

Tawaref's technology-first approach helps partners quickly navigate and switch between borders, making it easier for them to access investment opportunities and connect with investors.

The platform's ability to share investment opportunities online and grow a digital network of investors is a key driver of strategic collaboration, allowing partners to jointly leverage their investor networks, co-match deals, and share deal flow.

This helps partners to overcome regulatory and language barriers that come with operating across borders, making it a valuable tool for expanding their reach and increasing their chances of success in the global market.

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