• Tawaref Partners With Plus VC (+VC) Venture Capital Firm
    Tawaref and Plus VC (+VC) have entered into a strategic partnership to fast-track the integration of portfolio companies in Saudi Arabia
  • Tawaref Joins Forces With Unicorn Labs to Offer Amazing Discounts
    Big news for entrepreneurs! Tawaref is joining forces with Unicorn Labs to offer exciting discounts on our Saudi Landing service.
  • Tawaref and Falak Startups Collaborate to Announce Incredible Benefits
    Tawaref in collaboration with Falak Startups announces incredible benefits for top entrepreneurial talent. We are offering an exclusive 10% off the Basic Incorporation Package and a generous 15% off the Full Incorporation Package of our Saudi Landing Service.


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    In Saudi Arabia, we often see foreign companies spend two to three months just shopping for service providers who can lead their incorporation process. The high costs quoted by such CSPs and law firms...

  • Saudi Landing Hard Cost Unveiled: What They're Not Telling You!
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    Saudi Arabia’s recent venture funding performance has become the talk of the town, with the Kingdom securing over $1.38 billion in capital in 2023. This is a significant rise from the past decade, and...

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  • FinTech Remains the Top-Ranked Industry in MENA in Terms of Capital Deployed
    Despite an overall reduction in funding compared to previous years, investors in the MENA region deployed approximately $2.6 billion of capital in 2023 . This decrease in funding stems from geopolitic...

  • KSA Ranks #1 in MENA Country Funding Comparison in 2023
    MAGNiTT’s MENA Venture Investment Summary for 2023 reports that this year has been a phenomenal year for Saudi Arabia, with notable surges in funding and capital deployment from the region. However, t...