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A community of strategic tech investors (angels and institutional) syndicating in top regional tech startups & offering Value-Add services.  

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A club of active C-Suite angels and institutional investors, investing (via SPVs) in highly curated early-stage MENAP tech startups and supporting their Saudi and GCC expansion.

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Join an exclusive guild of 200+ executive angels, esteemed family offices, and industry-focused corporate VCs, and elevate your tech-investment decisions.

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Whether you're a startup, an angel/ institutional investor, or an accelerator, we offer a variety of necessary services tailored to suit your needs in the tech asset class.

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Tawaref is a tech investment community financing top regional startups & offering entrepreneurial services. 

Our mission is to diligently invest in groundbreaking regional tech startups, tying together the interests of Strategic Angel Investors and Institutional Investors alike, all while providing a myriad of complementary services that support the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.

Tawaref provides a comprehensive range of services essential for investing in the tech asset class, catering to startups, angel or institutional investors, and accelerators, and supporting all aspects of the investment and entrepreneurial landscape.

All qualified investors can invest with Tawaref.

Getting started is easy! To sign up for fundraising opportunities, simply visit and fill out our Startup Registration. If you're interested in exploring investment opportunities, navigate to our Investor Pre-Registration.

We look forward to having you on board and guiding you through your financial journey!